ATLAS will deliver assurance and authentication of positioning for use in liability critical Location Based Services (LBS) applications across a wide variety of market sectors. The system complements Shoot&Proof, the highly innovative existing commercial service that authenticates digital images and video taken from mobile phones and other portable devices.

By using Shoot&Proof, the original digital media, along with the time at which it was taken, cannot be falsified, thus providing evidentiary value before the courts of law. The location of the media capture is also recorded, currently relying on the open, standard, publicly-available positioning via the GPS chipsets housed within the mobile device. Unguarded GPS positioning is vulnerable to system faults and failures, including intentional spoofing and jamming. ATLAS protects against such faults, failures and attacks by ultilising advanced multi-constellation Global Satellite Navigation System (GNSS) positioning combined with sophisticated processing methods and algorithms.

ATLAS will implement two services within the existing Shoot&Proof framework and will be made available to subscribed customers. As such, solutions will be available on a variety of Smartphone operating systems, including the Apple iPhone, RIM Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Google Android. These services are:

ATLAS is a collaborative project under the European Commission 7th Framework Programme funded by the European GNSS Supervisory Authority. The 18 month project started in February 2010 and has three partners, Nottingham Scientific Ltd, CodaSystem Benelux SA and Université de Metz Paul Verlaine.